Allocation of grants

Check each grant application for future attribution with the grant management platform. Be more efficient with the eMundus solution.

Main benefits of the solution : Allocation of grants

The eMundus platform makes it easy for you to manage the allocation of grants.

Improve efficiency with eMundus
Improving efficiency

A better productivity

No specific skills to know ! The platform has been developed for you. As a result, it is easy and convenient, which will make you more productive quickly.

Customize the platform

Our team develops your platform in your image for a totally fluid integration to your site.

Platform customized to your needs
A platform customized to your needs
Study your statistics with eMundus
Measure the success of your campaigns

Study the statistics

Use the indicators to measure the performance of each of your campaigns each year.

Useful features : Allocation of grants

These features were designed for this solution and can be adapted to your needs.

Candidate portal

Assign a portal for your candidates

Application Form

Define your form according to your expectations


Complete your address book

Program Management

Define each of your programs

User management

Manage with your team from the platform

Interview planning

Use your calendar to schedule interviews

Emails and letters

Generate automatic and personalized emails


Evaluate in your own way


Decide according to very specific criteria


Allow online admission

Exporting files

Find the files you need on the platform


Measure your performance using defined indicators


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