Allocation of bonuses

Do you award a bonus for teacher-researchers? The eMundus solution offers you this solution to automate and save you time in selecting the best candidate for this award.

Main benefits of the solution : Allocation of bonuses

The eMundus platform offers you the possibility to easily manage your bonus allocation.

Be faster in your work with the eMundus solution
Saving time with the eMundus platform

Save time with eMundus

By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you will be more focused on more important tasks in managing bonus allocation. The eMundus platform will save you valuable time !

A personalized platform

You decide on the composition of the forms (application, evaluation, etc.). The platform adapts to your needs ! Choose the features that will be useful to you.

Customize your platform according to your needs
Customize your platform with eMundus
The eMundus solution is simple to use and practical
Easy to use and very practical platform

A practical and easy to use tool

The eMundus solution will be very practical in your business sector. In addition, the platform is simple to use because you do not need any specific skills. After the training, it will be easy to get started with the tool.

useful features : Allocation of bonuses

This solution offers many features to best satisfy your request.

Candidate portal

Facilitate access to teachers

Application Form

Define the application form


Enhance your address book

Electronic signature

Have the documents you need signed

Program Management

Manage one or more programs

User management

Give users access to share a collaborative space

Interview planning

Organize your calendar online

Emails and letters

Use email templates


Perform your evaluation with a view of all folders


Make the decision about the best teacher


Manage administrative admission

Exporting files

Export excel, zip or pdf files


Use indicators to assess your performance


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